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Effective ECU Programming & Modifications

With improper installations or low-quality parts, the safety of your vehicle can be compromised. If you're looking to safely improve your Slingshot's performance, SS Performance can help. Contact us in Ashland, Kentucky, for more information.

Upgrade Your Slingshot Today!

SS Performance is your trusted source for Slingshot modifications, ensuring that the job is done right. We are actually one of the first companies to put a Honda motor into a Slingshot. Our talented and knowledgeable crew works closely with companies like Maul Tech ATV, Boomslang, and Racepak to deliver the best results. We can skillfully handle engine swaps, and we upgrade computers, super chargers, suspensions, wheels, and tires.

All of our in-house labor is backed for 30 days, but different parts have different warranties on them. Our turnaround will depend on the machine. It could take anywhere from a couple hours to a couple weeks.

Completed Vehicle Modified ATV

Top-Of-the-Line ECU Programming

Here at SS Performance, we have a long history of providing ECU programming for Slingshots and RZR ATVs, coming from a research and development background. We developed the wire harness, which is a great product that has been tried and tested.

Any time that you have your engine modified, you should have tuning done to ensure safety. Our turnaround depends on the vehicle. Some vehicles can be done over the phone while others require more assistance and in-house work. SS Performance's in-house tuning runs anywhere from $300 to $500. Basement tuning is available for our customers who purchase our ECU. If you're out of range, this will help get you started and to a local tuner safely.